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Norwegian to start new routes from Stockholm

Norwegian is starting several routes out of Stockholm from April 2009. These routes were previously operated by defunct carrier Sterling

Stockholm – Budapest
Effective 24APR09

DY3963 ARN1020 – 1230BUD 738 135
DY3964 BUD1300 – 1510ARN 738 135

Service operates with M82 from 22JUN09 to 14AUG09

Stockholm – Faro
1 weekly eff 04APR09

DY3941 ARN0700 – 1040FAO M82 6
DY3942 FAO1130 – 1710ARN M82 6

Stockholm – Palma Mallorca
2 weekly service eff 30APR09

DY3811 ARN1450 – 1835PMI 738 7
DY3811 ARN1610 – 1955PMI 738 4*

DY3812 PMI1925 – 2310ARN 738 7
DY3812 PMI2045 – 0030+1ARN 738 4*
*Day 24 from 23JUN09 to 13AUG09

Stockholm – Prague
3 weekly eff 30APR09

DY3951 ARN0830 – 1030PRG 738 7
DY3953 ARN1020 – 1220PRG 738 24

DY3952 PRG1100 – 1300ARN 738 7
DY3954 PRG1250 – 1450ARN 738 24

M82 operates DY3953/3954 from 23JUN09 to 13AUG09

Stockholm – Pula
1 weekly eff 02MAY09

DY3923 ARN1800 – 2100PUY M82 6
DY3924 PUY2140 – 0040+1ARN M82 6

Stockholm – Rome
3 weekly from 24APR09

DY3915 ARN1600 – 1930FCO 738 135
DY3916 FCO2020 – 2350ARN 738 135

Day 3 operates with 733 from 26JUN09 to 14AUG09


MALEV new service to Iasi

This was first noted on forum

MALEV is starting new service on the Budapest – Iasi route from 30MAR09, 5 weekly flight.

MA872 BUD1250 – 1525IAS DH4 x67
MA873 IAS1600 – 1645BUD DH4 x67

Day 7 service begins 01JUN09


Lufthansa Munich European changes in Summer 09

Lufthansa is increasing the following European service out of Munich for 2009 Summer season, as of 14JAN09 Amadeus timetable display

Munich – Bilbao
Increase from 1 to 2 Daily
LH4548 MUC0905 – 1115BIO CR9 D
LH4506 MUC1505 – 1725BIO CR9 D

LH4549 BIO1155 – 1405MUC CR9 D
LH4507 BIO1800 – 2020MUC CR9 D

Munich – Bologna
NEW 7th Daily service

LH4000 MUC1905 – 2025BLQ AT5 x67
LH4001 BLQ2105 – 2230MUC AT5 x67

Munich – Cluj
Increase from 1 to 2 Daily
LH3496 MUC0915 – 1200CLJ CR7 D
LH3242 MUC1445 – 1720CLJ CR7 D

LH3497 CLJ1240 – 1330MUC CR7 D
LH3243 CLJ1800 – 1845MUC CR7 D

Munich – Donetsk
Service to be operated by 737-500 (CR7/CR9 in Summer 08)

Munich – Florence
Overall frequencies is 5 Daily (7 in Summer 08)

Munich – Pisa
Overall frequencies is 2 Daily (3 in Summer 08)

It is not offering the following service in 2009 Summer….
Munich – Dublin


Mahan Air 3 Daily to Dubai from Feb 09

From 08FEB09, Mahan Air’s Tehran – Dubai service is increasing from 2 to 3 Daily

W55039 IKA0730 – 1000DXB 313 D
W55037 IKA1200 – 1430DXB 313 D
W55041 IKA1815 – 2045DXB 313 D

W55038 DXB1300 – 1430IKA 313 D
W55036 DXB1630 – 1800IKA 313 D
W55040 DXB2345 – 0115+1IKA 313 D


Aerosvit to Dusseldorf from Jun 09

Aerosvit starting 22JUN09 operates new service on the Kiev – Dusseldorf route, 5 weekly

VV223 KBP1250 – 1450DUS 733 1
VV223 KBP1255 – 1450DUS EQV x125

VV224 DUS1545 – 1940KBP EQV x25

Service operates with 737-300, 737-400 or A320


Lufthansa 737 Dusseldorf – Kiev

As per 14JAN09 Amadeus timetable display, Lufthansa’s Dusseldorf – Kiev service is to be operated by Boeing 737-500 from 29MAR09 for the 2009 Summer season, replacing CRJ700


Austrian Dash 8 on Linz – Dusseldorf

Starting 29MAR09, Austrian’s 2 of 3 Daily Linz – Dusseldorf route will be operated by Dash8Q-400 instead of CRJ200.

From Linz, OS205/211 operates with Dash8 and OS221 with CRJ
From Dusseldorf, OS206/212 operates with Dash8 and OS222 with CRJ


Mahan Air to Denpasar

Iran’s Mahan Air from 04FEB09 is operating 2 weekly Tehran – Denpasar nonstop Boeing 747 service

W55089 IKA2300 – 1200+1DPS 744 37
W55090 DPS2230 – 0530+1IKA 744 14

Service to be increased to 3 weekly by 24JUN09

The timing appears to be mainly aimed at connections to/from Dusseldorf


Wataniya Airways to add 3 more routes

As per Amadeus timetable display, Kuwaiti-private carrier Wataniya Airways is to start the following routes:

Kuwait – Bahrain service begins 08FEB09 with 1 Daily
KW1100 KWI1345 – 1445BAH 320 D
KW1101 BAH1530 – 1640KWI 320 D

2nd Daily service begins 27FEB09 and the 1st daily flight moves to morning departure

KW1100 KWI0800 – 0900BAH 320 D
KW1108 KWI2135 – 2235BAH 320 D

KW1101 BAH0945 – 1055KWI 320 D
KW1109 BAH2320 – 0030+1KWI 320 D

Kuwait – Beirut service begins 27FEB09.
KW2100 KWI1155 – 1330BEY 320 D
KW2101 BEY1415 – 1725KWI 320 D

2nd Daily service begins 08JUN09
KW2102 KWI1345 – 1620BEY 320 D
KW2103 BEY1705 – 1915KWI 320 D

KW2100/2101 will then be-retimed

Kuwait – Cairo service from 08MAR09. Initially service operates 1 Daily

KW2000 KWI1345 – 1545CAI 320 D
KW2001 CAI1645 – 2035KWI 320 D

From 08JUN09, service increase to 2 Daily with KW2002/2003
KW2002 KWI1700 – 2000CAI 320 D
KW2003 CAI2100 – 2350KWI 320 D

KW2000/2001 from this date will move to morning/afternoon departures

Note Wataniya Airways’ schedule changes frequently on different period


EgyptAir nonstop to Beijing/Increase Guangzhou

As per 14JAN09 Amadeus timetable display, EgyptAir’s 1-stop service to Beijing is to be replaced by nonstop flight.

Current operation is 4 weekly Cairo – Bangkok – Beijing with Boeing 777 (F12C21Y286)
MS960 CAI2240 – 1200+1BKK1300+1 – 1830+1PEK 777 x136
MS961 PEK2000 – 0010+1BKK0110+1 – 0615+1CAI 777 x247

Effective 30MAR09, service becomes 3 weekly nonstop with A330 (C24Y244), schedule below in effect from 26APR09 to 22SEP09 for the Egyptian Daylight Saving time.

MS955 CAI2340 – 1420+1PEK 330 247
MS956 PEK0030 – 0640CAI 330 246

As per the timetable display, service on the Cairo – Bangkok – Guangzhou will receive 4th weekly frequencies. Service to Bangkok maintains Daily. HOWEVER, EgyptAir’s inventory appears not yet reflecting this change.

MS958 CAI2300 – 1155+1BKK1300+1 – 1655+1CAN 777 x247
MS958 CAI2300 – 1155+1BKK 777 247

MS959 CAN2055 – 2310BKK0045+1 – 0500+1CAI 777 6
MS959 CAN2100 – 2310BKK0045+1 – 0600+1CAI 777 24
MS959 CAN2055 – 2310BKK0045+1 – 0600+1CAI 777 7
NS959 BKK0045 – 0600CAI 777 246


Air Austral 777-300ER inaugural delays

As per 14JAN09 Amadeus timetable display, Air Austral’s Boeing 777-300ER aircraft inaugural service has been delayed.

The new service entry date is now set on 09MAY09, UU974 Paris CDG – St Denis de la Reunion

It’ll also be operating St Denis de la Reunion – Lyon – Paris CDG on UU975 from 13MAY09 on Saturdays, except 20MAY09 (-200ER)

Inbound flight is not listed as the schedule seems to be not updated completely.


Air Austral shelves 777-300ER to Oceania

As per 14JAN09 Amadeus timetable display, Air Austral has shelved the plan to utilize Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on the new St Denis de la Reunion – Sydney – Noumea route.

Initially service to be operated by 777-300ER from April 2009, coinciding with the launch of this route. However, it was then postponed till July 2009.

The route will remain 2 weekly 777-200ER.

All 777-300ER aircraft is now being designated to operate service on St Denis de la Reunion – Paris CDG only, 6 times a week


Austrian 09 Summer longhaul operation

Austrian’s Summer long-haul network as per 14JAN09 Amadeus timetable display is the following

Washington DC Daily 767
New York JFK Daily 777
Toronto 5 weekly 767, Daily from 09MAY09 to 29SEP09

Tokyo 6 weekly 777
Beijing Daily 767
Bangkok Daily 777
Delhi Daily 767

Astana 4 weekly 320


Air France 777-200 to Seoul

Air France currently until 28MAR09 is operating 5 weekly B777-200ER (Day x16 from CDG) and 2 weekly -300ER (Day 16) on the Paris CDG – Seoul route.

This route usually operates Daily 777-300ER.


Air Tahiti Nui NY 2009 schedule

Air Tahiti Nui’s seasonal Papeete – New York JFK schedule for 2009 Summer season is the following.

TN064 PPT2030 – 1510+1JFK 343 37
TN063 JFK1715 – 0015+1PPT 343 14

Service begins 17JUN09


SAA A340-600 to Hong Kong

As per 14JAN09 Amadeus timetable display, South African Airways is displaying A340-300 and -600 aircraft operating on alternating days on the Johannesburg – Hong Kong route from 01MAY09 to 11JUL09.


Southwest launch SF – OC

Southwest Airlines today announced launching San Francisco – Orange County service starting 09MAY09.

As per press release….

Southwest Airlines will fly 206 daily nonstop flights, more than any other carrier, between the Bay Area and the Los Angeles Basin Area. Southwest Airlines is the largest carrier at John Wayne Airport with 46 daily nonstop departures.


SAA 747 to Angola and Nigeria

As per 14JAN09 Amadeus timetable display, South African Airways during 2009 Northern Summer timetable season is continuing Boeing 747-400 operation.

Johannesburg – Luanda
Current 5 weekly A340-600 operation replaced by 747 from 30MAR09

Johannesburg – Lagos
Current mix of 2 weekly 747 and 2 weekly A340 becomes 4 weekly 747 from 30MAR09


Virgin America 2009 Summer Network

The following is Virgin America’s 2009 Summer operation, from 25MAY09 to 09SEP09 only.

Los Angeles – San Francisco
6 Daily flight

VX921 LAX0630 – 0750SFO 320 x67
VX925 LAX0845 – 1005SFO 319 D
VX929 LAX1220 – 1345SFO 319 D
VX937 LAX1355 – 1520SFO 319 D
VX945 LAX1755 – 1915SFO 320 D
VX949 LAX2030 – 2150SFO 319 x6

The Day57 service on VX941 from LAX, departing around 1600hrs, does not operate during this period

VX920 SFO0625 – 0755LAX 320 x67
VX924 SFO1005 – 1140LAX 319 D
VX928 SFO1125 – 1300LAX 319 D
VX936 SFO1535 – 1705LAX 320 D
VX944 SFO1815 – 1945LAX 319 x6
VX946 SFO2035 – 2205LAX 320 D

VX936, originally operating on Day 57 from SFO around 1400hrs, is cancelled, and moved to 1500hrs which operating as VX940

San Francisco – Seattle
4 Daily A319

Los Angeles – Seattle
4 Daily A320

VX797 LAX to SEA operating Daily except Saturday from 25MAY09, increase from 2 weekly (Day 25). Vx780 SEA to LAX also receives same increase

San Francisco – San Diego
5 Daily A319 (except 3 flights with A320)

VX964 SFO departure at 2100hrs and VX953 SAN departure at 0640hrs increases from 2 to 6 weekly with a mix of A319/320

San Francisco – Las Vegas
4 Daily 319 + 1 Daily 320

From Las Vegas, there is an extra flight operating as VX1961 on Sundays from 31MAY09

Los Angeles – New York JFK
5 Daily A320

Flight number range switching from VX5xx to VX4xx

San Francisco – New York JFK
4 Daily A320

Las Vegas – New York JFK
1 Daily A320

2nd Daily A320, VX268/259, is not displaying after 25MAY09

Los Angeles – Washington Dulles
3 Daily A320

San Francisco – Washington Dulles
3 Daily A319/320


UNITED brings back 2nd Daily LA – New Orleans

As per 14JAN09 Amadeus timetable display, UNITED is bringing back 2nd Daily Los Angeles – New Orleans flight from 12FEB09.

On 07FEB09, it is operating a special round-trip flight on this route

UA1006 LAX1825 – 2359MSY 320 07FEB09
UA327 MSY0735 – 0955LAX 320 08FEB09

From 12FEB09, the 2nd Daily flight is:
UA204 LAX1650 – 2224MSY 320 6 14FEB09 –
UA204 LAX1821 – 2355MSY 320 x6 12FEB09

UA239 MSY0655 – 0915LAX 320 D 13FEB09 –


DELTA 4 weekly LA – New Orleans from Sep 09

As per 14JAN09 Amadeus timetable display, DELTA’s Los Angeles – New Orleans service is operate 4 weekly from 08SEP09. Note that this may be a TENTATIVE decision as more changes may occur


UNITED: The only US Big 3 bows out S Florida

With UNITED’s decision to pull out mainline operation in Miami, it becomes one of the US Big 3 that does not have a presence in Southern Florida area (W Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami).


GMG Airlines to Delhi/Dubai

Bangladeshi-carrier GMG Airlines as per Amadeus timetable display and availability, is showing 3 weekly Dhaka – Delhi – Dubai service beginning on 16JAN09.

Z5019 DAC0800 – 1000DEL1115 – 1335DXB M83 135
Z5020 DXB1455 – 1950DEL2050 – 2340DAC M83 135

For the same period last year, it used a 747 to Dubai nonstop


JAT drops Dubai

JAT Airways on 29JAN09 operates its last service to Dubai

Service currently operates 2 weekly via Larnaca

JU088 BEG2015 – 2345LCA0030+1 – 0555+1DXB 733 14
JU089 DXB0735 – 0930LCA1015 – 1155BEG 733 25

The JU068/069 Belgrade – Larnaca flight from 01FEB09 will then be increased to 2 weekly


BA begins JAL Codeshare from Tokyo Haneda

British Airways today begin codesharing on JAL’s 3 Domestic routes out of Tokyo Haneda

BA Codeshare JL Operating
Tokyo Haneda – Fukuoka BA4617
Fukuoka – Tokyo Haneda BA4618
Tokyo Haneda – Osaka Itami BA4627
Osaka Itami – Tokyo Haneda BA4628
Tokyo Haneda – Sapporo BA4639
Sapporo – Tokyo Haneda BA4638