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May 17, 2011


Update 4: UNITED Removes Flight UA093/UA175 as Codeshare with Continental after reinstatement

by JL
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4th and final Edit as of 18MAY11 1500PDT.
As of 1500PDT on 18MAY11, UNITED has removed flight number UA093 and UA175 as codeshare flights operated by Continental (See below for latest screenshot). However, on timetable search, these flights are still appearing for the time being, which will be removed eventually.

The Star Alliance member responded that these flight numbers were loaded due to system glitch. It appears that these flight numbers were load during the weekend of 13MAY11.

Traditionally, airlines retire a flight number after major crash involved in full loss of passengers and aircraft, including AIRFRANCE AF447 (2009) or Korean Air KE007 (1983). However, some carriers re-use the retired flight numbers when needed. In addition, there were no specific intention/motivation to highlight this. The only “intention” was simply pointing out the fact that these flight numbers are re-appearing.

3rd Edit as of 18MAY11 1100PDT.
On 18MAY11, UNITED launched its new twitter account, and responded to several twitter users that the airline is removing planned reinstatement of UA093 and UA175, few hours after this post appears. According to media reports, these flights will be permanently retired.

However, as of 1100PDT, these flights are still available for reservation (latest screenshot of flight status and flight availability as of 18MAY11 is attached in this post, see below). These flight numbers may be removed as early as today, or Saturday 21MAY11 at the latest, the day when US carriers updates most of their flight information and operation changes. (Routine change occurs on Saturdays)

Below is the original article appeared on 17MAY11, including screenshot of the UA system display (through Sabre reservation system) of these flights.

2nd Update at 17MAY11 1545PDT. Original update: 17MAY11 1535PDT.

As part of its flight numbers re-alignment, including flights operated by Continental Mainline, UNITED starting 21MAY11 will be re-activating flight number UA093 and UA175, which was retired nearly-10 years ago, immediately after the US Terror Attacks on Sept 11, 2001.

These flight numbers will be used as a codeshare flight, which Continental is the actual operator and inflight service provider. The UA-coded flight will be displayed on airline and travel websites for reservation, flight status updates, as well as airport check-in counters, departure/arrival monitor boards and the gates. Under Government Regulations, these codeshare flight numbers are required to appear along with the actual operator of the service.

A list of Continental Mainline operating flights, carrying UNITED flight number range UA001 – 199 for the first time starting 21MAY11, can be found here.

Screenshot taken from UA/CO inventory system via GDS as of 1530PDT 17MAY11
Operating: Continental CO489
Route: Houston to San Jose CA (Boeing 737-800)

11SEP01 Operation: UA093 Newark to San Francisco (Boeing 757)

Operating: Continental CO515
Route: Boston to Newark (Boeing 737)

11SEP01 Operation: UA175 Boston to Los Angeles (Boeing 767-200)

Latest screenshot taken from UA/CO inventory system via GDS as of 1100PDT 18MAY11

Latest screenshot taken from UA/CO inventory system via GDS as of 1500PDT 18MAY11

  1. Jeremy McMillen
    May 17 2011

    This is not right first United does not show some respect and use diffrent flight numbers 666 for all we care and well United you do realize that in sep or oct you will be one airline right and guess what one of them left EWR UA 93 god United show some respect to the peoples who died that day. My god Im a 2P and Im pissed as hell about this makes me not want to fly UA

  2. May 18 2011

    Wow thats not cool at all. There are plenty of other numbers to use.

  3. Chris J
    May 18 2011

    Gotta agree with Jeremy…this number will forever be embedded in the minds of anyone who was touched by the horrible events of that day. 93 and 175 may just be numbers, but with the word “United” in front of them, they take on a whole different meaning.

  4. Gene Delaney
    May 18 2011

    This doesn’t seem right. Those flight numbers, as well as the American one’s should never, ever be used again.

  5. SeaRaptor
    May 18 2011

    United has acknowledged that this is an error and the flight numbers will remain retired.

  6. Jeremy McMillen's Concerned Dad
    May 18 2011

    Jeremy,,, It’s just a flight number. Calm down and return to your ratty recliner.

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