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August 1, 2011

QATAR Airways boosts Doha – Dubai service to 11 Daily from late-Aug 2011

by JL
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QATAR Airways starting 25AUG11 is increasing Doha – Dubai service from 8 to 11 Daily, with flights operating on average every 2-3 hours out of Doha. On this route, Emirates operates 5 Daily, flydubai operates 7 Daily and Nepal Airlines operates 3 weekly flights.

Operational schedule as follows:

QR102 DOH0055 – 0310DXB EQV D
QR104 DOH0250 – 0455DXB 320 D
QR100 DOH0710 – 0915DXB EQV D
QR106 DOH0810 – 1015DXB 320 D
QR110 DOH1150 – 1355DXB EQV D
QR116 DOH1355 – 1600DXB 320 D
QR112 DOH1500 – 1705DXB EQV D
QR108 DOH1700 – 1905DXB EQV D
QR118 DOH1850 – 2055DXB 320 D
QR114 DOH2045 – 2250DXB EQV D
QR142 DOH2320 – 0125+1DXB 320 D

QR115 DXB0015 – 0015DOH EQV D
QR103 DXB0555 – 0555DOH EQV D
QR143 DXB0630 – 0630DOH 320 D
QR105 DXB0725 – 0725DOH 320 D
QR101 DXB1125 – 1125DOH EQV D
QR107 DXB1300 – 1300DOH 320 D
QR111 DXB1455 – 1455DOH EQV D
QR117 DXB1700 – 1700DOH 320 D
QR113 DXB1835 – 1835DOH EQV D
QR109 DXB2005 – 2005DOH EQV D
QR119 DXB2215 – 2215DOH 320 D

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