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January 2, 2012

Austrian S12 European Operation Changes as of 02JAN12

by JL
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Update at 0930GMT 02JAN12

As per 02JAN12 GDS timtable display, initial changes to Austrian’s Summer 2012 European operation.

Additional changes remain possible:

Vienna – Athens Reduces from 11 weekly in S11 to Daily

Vienna – Bucharest Increases from 3 to 5 Daily on weekdays
OS789 VIE0715 – 0950OTP EQV x6
OS783 VIE1020 – 1300OTP 319 D
OS791 VIE1520 – 1800OTP EQV D
OS787 VIE1730 – 2010OTP 320 x6
OS767 VIE2005 – 2250OTP 319 x6

OS768 OTP0810 – 0850VIE 319 x7
OS790 OTP1120 – 1200VIE EQV x6
OS784 OTP1345 – 1430VIE 319 D
OS792 OTP1845 – 1930VIE EQV D
OS788 OTP2055 – 2135VIE 320 x6

Vienna – Larnaca Increases from 10 weekly in S11 to 11 weekly
OS831 VIE1035 – 1440LCA 321 D
OS835 VIE2025 – 0030+1LCA 321 x247

OS836 LCA0615 – 0835VIE 321 x135
OS832 LCA1625 – 1855VIE 321 D

Vienna – Olbia Summer service operates with Dash8-Q400, replaces Fokker 100 in S11. 1 weekly operation

Vienna – Pristina Overall service remains 12 weekly. OS769/770 5 weekly service to be operated by Airbus A321, replacing A320 in S11

Vienna – Reykjavik Summer seasonal service operates with Boeing 737-800, replacing -700. Service operates once a week

Vienna – Rome Service to continue operates 1 Daily, reduced from 2 in S11

Vienna – Rostov Fokker 70 replaces Fokker 100, Daily service

Vienna – Sofia Increases from 4 to 5 Daily
OS793 VIE1725 – 2000SOF 100 x6
OS794 SOF2055 – 2135VIE 100 x6

Other routes sees capacity adjustments with Austrian arrows Fokker 70/100 operating to Western Europe, replacing Airbus A319/320/321. Most Summer holiday resort service sees Airbus A320 aircraft being replaced by Boeing 737-800.

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