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August 9, 2012

Japan – China Agrees on Open-Skies Deal

by JL
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Update at 0005GMT 09AUG12

Japan and China has reached initial deal on expanding current air service agreement, which includes implementation of open-skies deal by phases.


*Japan and China will implement open-skies deal, however this will exclude flights to/from Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo Haneda and Tokyo Narita (Further liberalization on routes to/from these airports will be discussed at later date. Note 5th freedom traffic rights is not mentioned in the Press Release by Japan’s MLIT)
*Expanded service between Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo Narita will increase at appropriate time, pending on slots

Expanded Tokyo Haneda Service
Daytime Slots
*Starting from late-March 2013, there will be 2 daily flights each on both sides on Tokyo Haneda – Shanghai Pu Dong, and Tokyo Haneda – Guangzhou (new route). Tokyo Haneda – Shanghai Pu Dong slots can be switched to Shanghai Hongqiao once additional international slots are available (International slots at Shanghai Hongqiao has reached its maximum limit)
*Starting as early as late-March 2014, additional 2 daily flights for each side will be allocated for Tokyo Haneda – Beijing route, when Haneda Airport’s International slots doubles from 30,000 to 60,000

Nighttime slots
*As early as late-March 2013, 2 daily flights will be made available for both sides for flights between Tokyo Haneda and any points in China

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