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September 25, 2012

FAT W12 Taiwan – China Operation Changes as of 25SEP12

by JL
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Update at 0940GMT 25SEP12

Taiwan’s Far Eastern Air Transport from 28OCT12 is adjusting services to China. Planned operation changes as follows:

Kaohsiung – Chengdu Operational days changing from Day 17 to Day 37
FE181 KHH1530 – 1830CTU M82 37
FE182 HFE1930 – 2230KHH M82 37

Kaohsiung – Haikou Operational days changing from Day 36 to Day 26
FE189 KHH1530 – 1730HAK M82 26
FE190 HAK1830 – 2030KHH M82 26

Kaohsiung – Hefei 2 weekly service cancelled
Taipei Taoyuan – Hefei NEW 2 weekly service
FE127 TPE1530 – 1800HFE M82 46
FE128 HFE1900 – 2130TPE M82 46

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