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December 3, 2012

Airline Route Begins Chinese Contents Trial

by JL
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Starting today (03DEC12), Airline Route launches Chinese contents on trial basis. Initially, Simplified Chinese contents will be appearing on selected posts on/after 03DEC12, which will be marked with * besides the time-stamp. The objective for 2013 of this website is the introduction of a separate Chinese page, specifically tailored to readers in Greater China region. On separate note, new posts on/after 03DEC12 will only display the title on the main page. Readers will have to click on individual title, or “read more”, for full contents.

Airline Route 网站从今日(2012年12月3日)开始, 部分消息内容(打 * 号者) 将含有 简体中文 翻译, 为本网站计划在2013年内将新增 全新简体中文网页 前的一连串测试作业之一。因网站使用简体中文, 故翻译时 航空公司 和 地名 均以中国大陆翻译为主。

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