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November 25, 2013

MASWings Adds New Domestic Service from mid-December 2013

by JL
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Update at 0640GMT 25NOV13

MASWings from mid-December 2013 is introducing new domestic routes in Malaysia, with new nonstop services to several rural communities. Planned routes as follow.

eff 16DEC13 Lawas – Limbang
MH3503 LWY0830 – 0850LMN DHT 14
MH3502 LMN0905 – 0925LWY DHT 14

eff 16DEC13 Mukah – Sibu
MH3719 MKM1105 – 1130SBW DHT x356
MH3718 SBW1150 – 1215MKM DHT x356

eff 16DEC13 Mukah – Tanjung Manis
MH3715 MKM1420 – 1500TGC DHT x26
MH3715 MKM1430 – 1510TGC DHT 2
MH3715 MKM1635 – 1715TGC DHT 6

MH3714 TGC1505 – 1545MKM DHT x6
MH3714 TGC1605 – 1645MKM DHT 6

eff 18DEC13 Mukah – Bintulu
MH3730 MKM1105 – 1140BTU DHT 35
MH3731 BTU1200 – 1235MKM DHT 35

eff 19DEC13 Bario – Bakalalan
MH3586 BBN1220 – 1240BKM DHT 4
MH3587 BKM1255 – 1315BBN DHT 4

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