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May 26, 2014

DELTA Continues Seattle Expansions from Nov 2014

by JL
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Update at 0400GMT 26MAY14

DELTA in Winter 2014/15 season continues to expand operations from Seattle, with the new addition of 5 routes. Planned schedule as follow.

eff 03NOV14 Seattle – Calgary 2 daily
DL5729 SEA1130 – 1355YYC E75 D
DL5741 SEA1940 – 2205YYC E75 D

DL5728 YYC0725 – 0800SEA E75 D
DL5755 YYC1155 – 1230SEA E75 D

eff 03NOV14 Seattle – Spokane 4 daily
DL4581 SEA0650 – 0750GEG CR7 D
DL4709 SEA1000 – 1100GEG CR7 D
DL4747 SEA1335 – 1435GEG CR7 D
DL4758 SEA1730 – 1830GEG CR7 D

DL4581 GEG0825 – 0925SEA CR7 D
DL4740 GEG1000 – 1100SEA CR7 D
DL4747 GEG1525 – 1625SEA CR7 D
DL4758 GEG1905 – 2005SEA CR7 D

eff 20DEC14 Seattle – Bozeman 1 weekly (1 daily from 20DEC14 to 04JAN15)
DL5704 SEA0810 – 1055BZN E75 6
DL5704 BZN1125 – 1225SEA E75 6

eff 20DEC14 Seattle – Kahului 1 daily
DL1397 SEA1630 – 2050OGG 757 D
DL1397 OGG2230 – 0549+1SEA 757 D

eff 20DEC14 Seattle – Los Cabos 1 weekly (4 weekly Day x257 from 20DEC14 to 10JAN15)
DL357 SEA0950 – 1541SJD 319 6
DL456 SJD1550 – 1914SEA 319 6

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