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AirAlps/Rostock Airways to Start Bremen – Zurich Service from Feb 2014

Update at 0840GMT 13JAN14
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Air Alps Resumes Operation from 01FEB12

Update at 1020GMT 31JAN12

Air Alps announced it’ll be resuming operation from 01FEB12, with 4 Daily Bolzano – Rome service operating. The airline temporary ceased operation on 13JAN12.

Planned schedule as follows:
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Stop Press – 16SEP11

The following are miscellaneous route updates as of 16SEP11, covering route changes for the past 3-4 weeks.
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Alitalia/Air Alps to start Salerno service from Dec 2010

Alitalia from 01DEC10 is offering Milan Malpensa – Salerno and Rome – Salerno service, operated by AirAlps’ Dornier 328 aircraft. Service from Milan operates twice a day on weekdays only, and Rome operates 6 weekly.

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AirAlps cancelling 2 routes

AirA!ps has cancelled the following routes:

Milan Malpensa – Ancona
Rome Fiumcino – Cueno


AirA!ps 2 new routes

AirA!ps has launched 3 Daily Milan Malpensa – Trieste service on 01DEC08 and 4 Daily Parma – Rome Fiumcino on 09DEC08

A6801 MXP0830 – 0940TRS D38 x67
A6803 MXP1440 – 1550TRS D38 x67
A6807 MXP2000 – 2110TRS D38 x6

A6800 TRS0620 – 0725MXP D38 x67
A6802 TRS1225 – 1335MXP D38 x67
A6806 TRS1800 – 1910MXP D38 x6

A6300 PMF0640 – 0745FCO D38 x7
A6302 PMF1015 – 1120FCO D38 x67
A6304 PMF1525 – 1630FCO D38 x67
A6304 PMF1530 – 1635FCO D38 7
A6306 PMF1850 – 1955FCO D38 x67

A6301 FCO0845 – 0950PMF D38 x7
A6303 FCO1330 – 1435PMF D38 x67
A6305 FCO1720 – 1820PMF D38 x67
A6305 FCO1730 – 1835PMF D38 7
A6307 FCO2115 – 2220PMF D38 x67


CH-Aviation: AirA!ps new mini-base from Perugia

CH-Aviation on 24MAY08 posted that AirA!ps has launched new services out of Perugia

Perugia – Milan Malpensa
2 Daily service

A6500 PEG0700 – 0815MXP D38 x7
A6504 PEG1445 – 1600MXP D38 x6

A6503 MXP1245 – 1400PEG D38 x7
A6507 MXP2030 – 2145PEG D38 x6

Perugia – Olbia
2 weekly service from 14JUN08, increasing to 3 from 26JUN08

A6334 PEG0700 – 0800OLB D38 7
A6334 PEG1420 – 1520OLB D38 6
A6334 PEG1500 – 1600OLB D38 4 Eff 26JUN08

A6335 OLB1300 – 1400PEG D38 47 (Day 4 eff 26JUN08)
A6335 OLB1600 – 1700PEG D38 6


CH-Aviation: AirA!ps resumes independent operation

AirA!ps has resumed independent operation as per CH-Aviation, posted on 29MAR08.

It is offering 4 routes this summer season.

Rome – Cuneo
Up to 2 Daily service

Rome – Bolzano
Up to 6 Daily service. Alitalia will continue to codeshare with AirA!ps

Rome – Rimini
Up to 2 Daily service

Milan Malpensa – Ancona
Up to 2 Daily service.

All service operated by Dornier 328