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Air France-KLM update on Phuket operation

Air France-KLM has updated the flight schedule for the Phuket operation due to Bangkok Airport closure

01DEC08, KLM HKT1900 – KUL – 0400+1AMS
02DEC08, AF173 HKT2330 – 0245+1DXB0355+1 – 0815+1CDG 744
03DEC08, KLM HKT1900 – KUL – 0400+1AMS
04DEC08, AF169 HKT2330 – 0615+1CDG 744

Air France-KLM will be arranging bus transfer from Bangkok to Phuket for those flights

On 03DEC08, Air France is to operate following flights
AF164 CDG1935 – 1300+1HKT 744
AF169 HKT2330 – 0615+1CDG 744 03DEC08

In regards to Vietnam operation, AF164 on 01DEC08 operates nonstop flight to Hanoi. AF169 from Hanoi on 02DEC08, is now scheduled to depart 03DEC08 as AF169A

Air France on 05DEC08 is operating extra nonstop flight to Ho Chi Minh
AF4162 CDG1935 – 1355+1SGN 343
AF4163 SGN2225 – 0550+1CDG 343 06DEC08


KLM/Air France Update on Vietnam/Thailand flight

KLM has started service to Phuket due to continuous closure of Bangkok Airport.

KL8102 HKT1900 – via Kuala Lumpur – 0400+1AMS 01DEC08
AF173 HKT2330 – 0245+1DXB0355+1 – 0815+1CDG 744 02DEC08
KL8102 HKT1900 – via Kuala Lumpur – 0400+1AMS 03DEC08

On 30NOV08, Air France operated a ferry flight from Bangkok to Phuket

On 01DEC08, Air France operates Paris – Hanoi nonstop, replacing Paris – Bangkok – Ho Chi Minh

AF164 CDG1835 – 0620+1HAN

As a result of cancelling Ho Chi Minh flight, scheduled departure on 02DEC08 is being rescheduled to 03DEC08

AF169A HAN1550 – 0510+1CDG

Note these info are taken from Air France News from Amadeus, thus there are some schedule discrepancies


KLM cancels Bangkok/Taipei till 30NOV08

KLM’s Amsterdam – Bangkok – Taipei is cancelled until 30NOV08 at the earliest


KLM 777-300ER Summer 2009 Operational tweak

As per 25NOV08 Amadeus timetable display, KLM’s planned Boeing 777-300ER operation for the Northern 2009 Summer season has been tweaked.

Planned 77W operation for the entire Summer 09 period has been revised.

Day 15 service operates from 30MAR09 to 29MAY09
Planned Daily 77W service shelved.

The 777-300ER is now displaying Day 2467 departure from AMS and -200ER on Day 135

Sao Paulo
3 weekly Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on the Amsterdam – Sao Paulo route from 30AUG09 to 23OCT09

777-300ER departs Day 157 while -200ER flies on Day 2346

Planned 3 weekly 77W service still goes into effect from 12JUL09. 4th 77W service now planned from 28AUG09 (Day 2357 from AMS)

There are no changes to Kuala Lumpur/Jakarta and Dar es Salaam/Kilimanjaro 777-300ER operation


KLM changes on HKG increase in Summer 2009

As per 25NOV08 Amadeus timetable display, KLM has adjusted planned increase on the Amsterdam – Hong Kong flight

From 29MAR09, it’ll operate extra 3 weekly flights (AMS departure Day 267 KL887, HKG departure Day 137 KL888) instead of 4.

The 4th weekly frequency on KL887/888, begins from 18JUL09, AMS departure


KLM keeps 5 weekly to Panama from Mar 2009

KLM’s existing 5 weekly Amsterdam – Panama City service is being maintained in the 2009 Northern Summer timetable season.

Originally it was planned to operate 4 times a week.


DELTA to codeshare on KLM NY – Amsterdam flight

DELTA and KLM has issued a notice to the DoT which DELTA intends to display its “DL” code on KLM’s Amsterdam – New York JFK flight.

At the same time, DELTA subsidiary nwa will not be codesharing on this route once the KLM flight begins displaying DL flight numbers, due to “EU GDS regulations which limit the number of marketing carrier codesthat may be displayed on a particular flight”

Docket Number 2004-19214-0233


KLM relaunch Liverpool after 70 years hiatus

KLM is relaunching Amsterdam – Liverpool after 70 years of hiatus. The new service begins 29MAR09

KL1037 AMS0925 – 0950LPL F70 D
KL1041 AMS1625 – 1650LPL F70 D
KL1045 AMS2030 – 2055LPL F70 D

KL1034 LPL0615 – 0835AMS F70 D 30MAR09 –
KL1038 LPL1030 – 1250AMS F70 D
KL1042 LPL1730 – 1950AMS F70 D


KLM Cargo to Chicago

KLM Cargo is introducing 2 weekly 747-400Freighter service to Chicago from 26OCT08


KLM drops Shamshabad (Hyderabad)

KLM from 01FEB09 is cancelling service on the Amsterdam – Shamshabad (Hyderabad) route


DELTA adds Geneva via KLM codeshare

DELTA has issued a notice to the DoT that it will be placing its “DL” code on KLM’s Amsterdam – Geneva route within 30 days

Docket 2004 – 19214 – 0232


KLM eyes Hangzhou service

According to Chinese press, a team of KLM executives is in Hangzhou, China for talks regarding launching 2 weekly Amsterdam – Chengdu – Hangzhou route, as early as March 2009.

As of 26SEP08 Amadeus schedule display, the Dutch carrier is planning to operate 5 weekly flights to Chengdu


KLM 4 weekly to Panama in Summer 09

As of 25SEP08, KLM plans to operate 4 weekly to Panama City from 29MAR09, an increase from traditional 3 weekly flight.


KLM 777 replace 747 to Cairo in Summer 09

KLM in Amadeus Timetable display is showing all-Boeing 777 service to Cairo in Summer 2009.

As of 25SEP08, Boeing 777-300ER operates 4 weekly (Day 1467) and -200ER operates 3 weekly (Day 235)


KLM plans 747 to Nairobi in Summer 2009

As of 25SEP08 Amadeus Timetable update, KLM’s Summer 2009 schedule sees Boeing 747-400COMBI operating the Amsterdam – Nairobi route from 29MAR09.

It will further boost the capacity from 07JUN09 when it’ll switch to the 400-seater Boeing 747-400Pax


KLM plans 777 to Shamshabad

As of 25SEP08 Amadeus schedule update, KLM plans to operate Boeing 777 aircraft instead of MD11 on the Amsterdam – Shamshabad (Hyderabad) route in the Summer 2009 schedule


KLM 332 to Detorit in Summer 09

As of 04SEP08 Amadeus display, KLM plans to keep A330-200 aircraft on the Amsterdam – Detroit route in the Summer of 2009.

Summer 2008 season is operated by 777.


KLM increase Panama flight

Starting 28NOV08 KLM’s Amsterdam – Panama City route will be increased from 3 (Day 357) to 5 weekly (Day x16)


KLM cease Domestic service

KLM today announced it is ceasing the last domestic service in Netherlands – Amsterdam – Maastricht.

The airline currently offers 3 times a day service with Fokker 50.

KLM launched Maastricht service in 1966


Initial KLM 777-300ER operation in Summer 2009

Initial plans for KLM 777-300ER operation in Summer 2009 are:

Day 36 from AMS, Day 47 from CAI

Dubai (KL427/428)
Day 27 from AMS, Day 13 from DXB

Kilimanjaro/Dar es Salaam
28JUN09 onward: Day x235 from Amsterdam, Day x346 from Tanzania

Day x36 from AMS, Day x47 from MNL

New York JFK (KL641/642)
Day 35

Sao Paulo
29MAR09 – 26JUN09: Day x25
27JUN09 onwards: Daily


KLM plans Daily 777-300ER to Sao Paulo in Summer 09

As of 08AUG08’s schedule, KLM plans to operate Daily 777-300ER service on the Amsterdam – Sao Paulo route from 27JUN09.

It currently operates 3-4 weekly with 777-300ER.


KLM 737-700 Routes Update – 3

The following is the updates of KLM’s 737-700 routes. The inaugural flight has been postponed from this week to 13AUG08. Previous updates can be found here.

All data as of 07AUG08 and is subject to change Read more »


KLM’s New E190 aircraft routes

KLM has started posting the routes to be operated by the new Embraer E190.

Data as of 07AUG08 and is subject to change Read more »


KLM 777 to Delhi in Spring 2009

KLM is currently planning to operate Boeing 777-200ER to Delhi starting 30MAR09.

This summer the airline is operating MD11.


1958: KLM Far East Schedule

The following is KLM’s Far-East Schedule for Summer 1958 (01MAY58 – 31OCT58) Read more »