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Cathay Pacific increase Sydney flight

Starting 26OCT08, Cathay Pacific’s 25 weekly Hong Kong – Sydney service will be increased to 28 weekly.

The increase is on CX161/162, which currently operates 4 times a week.


Cathay Pacific increase Brisbane flight

Starting 26OCT08 Cathay Pacific will introduce 4 weekly daytime departure from Hong Kong to Brisbane.

The red-eye triangle service, routed through Cairns, however will be reduced from Daily to 6 weekly.

CX157 HKG1235 – 2320BNE 330 x135
CX103 HKG2350 – 1035+1BNE 330 245
CX103 HKG2350 – 0900+1CNS1025+1 – 1235+1BNE 330 136

CX156 BNE0050 – 0730HKG 330 x246
CX102 BNE1350 – 2030HKG 330 247
CX102 BNE1205 – 1425CNS1535 – 2040HKG 356


Beijing Airport closure on 08AUG08; service rescheduled

Due to the Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympics on 08AUG08, following international service will be rescheduled.

Route 08AUG08 Original Sked Remark
Beijing – Bangkok CA979 Cancelled
Beijing – Hong Kong CA115 Cancelled
KA909 Cancelled
KA903 Cancelled
CA107 Cancelled
KA997 Cancelled
Beijing – Los Angeles CA983 Cancelled
Beijing – Macau NX001 Cancelled
Beijing – Seoul CA137 PEK1745 – 2045ICN CA137 PEK1845 – 2145ICN
Beijing – Singapore SQ821 PEK0120 – 0735SIN SQ821 PEK0010 – 0625SIN 09AUG08 only
Bangkok – Beijing CA980 Cancelled 09AUG08 only
Hong Kong – Beijing KA902 HKG1445 – 1830PEK KA902 HKG1500 – 1830PEK
KA996 Cancelled
KA904 Cancelled
KA906 Cancelled
CX312 HKG2145 – 0100+1PEK CX312 HKG1645 – 2000PEK
UO304 HKG2345 – 0250+1PEK UO304 HKG1845 – 2200PEK
CA110 Cancelled
CA116 Cancelled
Los Angeles – Beijing CA984 Cancelled 09AUG08 only
Macau – Beijing NX008 Cancelled NX008 MFM1845 – 2200PEK
Singapore – Beijing SQ820 SIN1805 – 0015+1PEK SQ820 SIN1655 – 2305PEK

1960: Cathay Pacific to Australia

The 1960 Summer schedule shows Cathay Pacific operated 1 weekly Lockheed Electra service to Australia.

The routing was Hong Kong – Manila – Darwin – Sydney

Read more »


Cathay Pacific network Fall/Winter 2008 shuffle

Cathay Pacific has announced initial network shuffle.

Effective 16SEP08, Hong Kong – Vancouver will be reduced to 17 weekly (CX836/835 back to 3 weekly). Original plan called for eff 26OCT08

Effective 16SEP08, Hong Kong – Toronto nonstop service will be re-timed in addition to the removal of one-stop service via Anchorage. The latter was previously announced

Effective till 15SEP08
CX826 HKG1450 – 1745YYZ 77W D
CX827 YYZ1100 – 1415+1HKG 77W D

Effective 16SEP08
CX826 HKG1620 – 1900YYZ 77W x257
CX826 HKG1630 – 1910YYZ 77W 2
CX826 HKG1655 – 1940YYZ 77W 5
CX826 HKG1700 – 1940YYZ 77W 7

CX827 YYZ0145 – 0500+1HKG 77W D

Hong Kong – Riyadh will be receiving stand-along turnaround service from 26OCT08, it currently operates via Bahrain on the outbound flight.

CX733 HKG1630 – 2130RUH 777 x146
CX732 RUH0025 – 1315HKG 777 x257

Hong Kong – Bahrain will maintain daily flight but all service will be via Dubai on bothways

CX745 HKG2355 – 0505+1DXB0615+1 – 0630+1BAH 330 x357
CX745 HKG2355 – 0505+1DXB0615+1 – 0630+1BAH 333 357

CX746 BAH1535 – 1745DXB1855 – 0600+1HKG 330 x146
CX746 BAH1535 – 1745DXB1855 – 0600+1HKG 333 146

As a result of the change in routing, Dubai will be receiving up to 3 Daily flights from 26OCT08.


Dragonair steps up Xiamen while Cathay quits

Effective 01SEP08 Cathay Pacific will not be operating Hong Kong – Xiamen 3 weekly service. The flight will instead be operated by Dragonair.

Dragonair will offer 18 weekly flights to Xiamen from that date.

The new flight:

KA606 HKG0950 – 1110XMN 321 135
KA606 HKG1045 – 1205XMN 320 7

KA607 XMN1220 – 1345XMN 321 135
KA607 XMN1305 – 1425XMN 320 7


Cathay Pacific reduce Toronto from 16SEP08

Cathay Pacific on 15SEP08 will operate last Hong Kong – Anchorage – Toronto route.

This results in decrease of service to Toronto from 10 to 7 weekly, which the airline will keep daily nonstop service.


Cathay Pacific 747 to Auckland

Effective 26OCT08, Cathay Pacific’s 1 of 2 daily Hong Kong – Auckland route will be operated by 747-400, on CX107/108


1996: Cathay Pacific Spring schedule

The following is a list of Cathay Pacific’s 1996 Spring routing and frequencies as well as aircraft used. Read more »


Cathay Pacific cancels Madrid codeshare

Cathay Pacific will cease codeshare with IBERIA on Amsterdam – Madrid route from 01JUN08.


Cathay Pacific cancels 1-stop Toronto flight

In the 2008/09 winter Cathay Pacific will cancel the 3 weekly Hong Kong – Anchorage – Toronto A340-300 service.

The airline will continue to operate Daily Boeing 777-300ER on nonstop basis.


Cathay Pacific reduce Vancouver frequencies

Effective 01OCT08, Cathay Pacific will reduce the frequencies on Hong Kong – Vancouver route.

CX835/836 on Day 57 will not be operated from 01OCT08 to 25OCT08.

From 26OCT08, service on CX835/836 will reduce to 3 weekly (Day 146), totals 17 weekly.


Cathay Pacific network review by the end of Summer

Cathay Pacific is evaluating possibility to suspend unprofitable routes/flights. However, a decision won’t be made until August or September.


Cathay Pacific expands Air China codeshare

Cathay Pacific has displayed its “CX” code on Air China service between Hong Kong and Chengdu, as well as Chongqing.


CX Codesharing

CA Operating

Hong Kong – Chengdu





Chengdu – Hong Kong





Hong Kong – Chongqing



Chongqing – Hong Kong




Cathay Pacific to fly all 77W to NY by 09; 77W to Vancouver

Cathay Pacific’s this week’s schedule update is showing that starting 29MAR09, all of its New York service will be operated by 777-300ER.

Cathay operates 2 daily nonstop and 1 daily via Vancouver.

The Hong Kong – Vancouver – New York route in October will see 777-300ER operating between 01OCT08 and 25OCT08. The 777 flight will operate this route from 29MAR09.


Cathay Pacific mix operation to Rome

Cathay Pacific in the summer schedule is operating 3 weekly Boeing 747-400 aircraft and 4 weekly Airbus 340-300 aircraft on the Hong Kong – Rome route.

From 26OCT08, it’ll operate Daily A340-300 aircraft on this route.


Cathay Pacific extra flights to London

In order to accommodate OASiS Hong Kong Airlines’ ticket holders, Cathay Pacific on 11APR08 and 13APR08 is operating extra flights to London

CX2353 HKG0120 – 0705LHR

CX2353 HKG0110 – 0655LHR


Cathay to operate 747 to Mumbai and Dubai

Cathay Pacific is increasing the capacity on flights to Mumbai and Dubai effective October 2008.

The Hong Kong – Mumbai – Dubai (CX685/684) and Hong Kong – Bangkok – Mumbai – Dubai (CX751/750) will be upgrades from Airbus 330 service to Boeing 747-400 from 01OCT08.


Cathay Pacific Cargo plans Miami/Houston flight

Cathay Pacific Cargo plans to operate 3 weekly service to Miami and Houston from 01SEP08, as per message board HKADB.

CX074 HKG1240 – 2335-1ANC0045 – 0825MIA 246
CX071 MIA1025 – 1245IAH1445 – 2135ANC2255 – 0850+1HKG 246


Cathay Pacific re-times Vancouver/NY

Cathay Pacific starting 01OCT08 will re-time its flight on CX888 Hong Kong – Vancouver – New York JFK service. The daytime service will become red-eye flight from that date.

CX888 HKG1455 – 1140YVR1305 – 2115JFK 744 D

01OCT08 – 25OCT08
CX888 HKG0005 – 2055-1YVR2220-1 – 0625JFK 77W D

*On 01OCT08, flight operating as CX2888

CX888 HKG0055 – 2015-1YVR2140-1 – 0550JFK 744 D

777-300ER will operate CX888/889 in October.

There is no change to CX889 on New York JFK – Vancouver – Hong Kong.


Cathay Pacific Haneda charter in May

wCathay Pacific in May once again will operate charter service on Hong Kong – Tokyo Haneda route.

Service operating on 02MAY08 and 06MAY08

CX8501 HND0001 – 0425HKG 330 03MAY08
CX8501 HND2030 – 0055+1HKG 330 06MAY08


Cathay Pacific Cargo launch Hanoi & Dhaka

Cathay Pacific Cargo starting today launched 2 weekly service (Day 24) to Hanoi and Dhaka with Boeing 747-200Freighters.

The routing is Hong Kong – Hanoi – Dhaka – Hong Kong.


Cathay Pacific Tokyo Haneda charter sked

Cathay Pacific is operating charter service on the Hong Kong – Tokyo Haneda route on the following date and schedule.

04APR08 / 06APR08
CX8500 HKG0100 – 0600HND 330
CX8501 HND2030 – 0055+1HKG 330


Cathay Pacific to Tokyo Haneda

Cathay Pacific will be operating service to Tokyo Haneda Airport for the first time since May 1978.

It’ll be operating 2 round-trip charter service between 04APR08 and 06APR08. Aircraft will be operated by A330-300, seats 311.

Cathay Pacific first launched service in Japan in 1959.


Cathay Pacific reschedules Heathrow temporarily

Cathay Pacific is rescheduling one of its Heathrow service temporarily between 01MAR08 and 14MAR08.

CX251 during this period will be re-numbered as CX2251 with a later departure.

Current schedule:
CX251 HKG2355 – 0505+1LHR 744 D

Between 01MAR08 – 14MAR08
CX2251 HKG0105 – 0620LHR 744 D

Inbound service is remains the same.